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A productive day starts with a warm welcome.

Every meeting is unique and that's why we take care of every little detail so that our guests enjoy a tailor-made stay. Take a seat in our meeting rooms, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and experience the unique combination of discretion, exclusivity and details perfectly tailored to your needs.



Individual attention in focus

Our hosts are always there when you need us. To welcome your guests, for culinary accompaniment in between or for technical questions and instructions. Our individual support aims to fulfill participant wishes and convey appreciation. This special care, be it through drinks or questions, emphasizes our commitment to your well-being and the quality of the event. Your host warmly welcomes you above Munich's rooftops and accompanies you to the meeting suite you have booked. A short introduction rounds off the reception to ensure a smooth stay. Our mission: Exceed expectations with excellent service, discretion and comfort.



Convincing professionalism from experienced hosts

With personal support, be it through friendly greetings, offering refreshing drinks or support with technical questions, we not only create professionalism, but also an emotional connection. Such attention becomes particularly important in the presence of customers, valued business partners or important guests. Our experienced hosts are familiar with handling sensitive meetings.



Efficient technical support from our team

In technology-based meetings such as video conferences or presentations, our hosts are available to assist you on site to ensure everything runs smoothly. In this way, we minimize possible downtime due to technical problems and at the same time reinforce the professional nature of the meeting. Our technical support signals that potential disruptions can be managed effectively.

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