Our mission is serving you high-quality products and creating an outstanding working and living atmosphere. Our SVYT Store includes all the products our guests love the most. Enjoy high-end coffee specialities and gourmet teas, healthy snacks, top rated wines for a relaxed evening and interior accessories for an elegant atmosphere.

We composed our SVYT packages with a lot of time and passion to offer you that special SVYT moment. All suppliers are among the best in their industries and ultimately convinced us with the uncompromising quality of their products. Whether fresh fruit from the Munich wholesale market, special wines, healthy snacks. Everyone will find what they are looking for.

For sophisticated tea lovers, SVYT offers indulgence of the highest level. Finest organic leaf tea in plastic-free, handmade cotton bags from Wital captivates with its rich, unadulterated aroma for an exclusive tea experience without remorse. Every single tea bag is its own jewel and carries the taste of the best organic growing areas in Rwanda, Japan, China or Sri Lanka, poured into one or many cups, quickly and easily prepared and of exceptional class. Perfect for your enjoyment in between, be it hectic everyday life or with colleagues, friends and family. This sustainable luxury product is the perfect addition to the ecological and dynamic lifestyle of our time. Enjoy a selection of the best black, green, herbal and fruit teas with us.

SVYT offers the finest coffee specialties from the manufactury roaster Vit's in Munich. Best quality, gently roasted and freshly made every day - our guests are crazy about our coffee specialties. The highest quality of green coffee and a particularly gentle process of roasting make our coffee something very special. We have both hand-made blends, single origins and absolute specialty coffees in our cups to keep our guests satisfied with the best quality

With the gourmet products from 'van Nahmen' we offer sophisticated products that are used in top german and international gastronomy. The family-run private winery has over 100 years of tradition and can draw on a wealth of experience. The direct juices are always filled according to type in order to maintain their typicality, with fruits from carefully selected producers. The quality of the products is unique, which is why we at SVYT are so convinced of it.

SVYT offers chocolate moments of pleasure of a special kind with its fine products from a small praline and chocolate factory. Made with care and passion and entirely by hand, whether as light or dark chocolate - the luxury chocolatières give popular classics a new shine with a very special touch. Taste the difference!