A local wine from the preselection of the first and large vineyards of the renowned Robert Weil winery with animating fruit, harmoniously integrated acidity and a sustainable body. The juicy citrus and stone fruit aromas and the subtle minerality make it a perfect accompaniment to many dishes.


We recommend the Kiedricher Riesling dry as perfect choice for various occasions! As an aperitif at a get-together after a business meeting, as a companion to light finger food at an event or simply enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere when talking to business partners or friends in the evening. Ideally served in a Zalto white wine glass at a drinking temperature of 10 degrees.

ROBERT WEIL Kiedricher Riesling trocken 2019

    • leicht und frisch, frische Säure
    • 100% Riesling
    • 2019er Jahrgang
    • Deutschland, Rheingau
    • 12,5% vol.
    • Schraubverschluss