Our 'Fruit Basket' is always highly appreciated by our guests during their meetings. Selected fresh fruits from the local Munich market based on the seasonal offering will be arranged in a design classic black basket from the Belgian design firm Serax. Our 'Fruit Basket' with high-quality fruits are the perfect basis for a vitamin boost. And by the way... when emptied, the stylish black designer basket will remain yours and be a continous reminder of a healthy lifestyle!


  • Baby Pineapple (Fresh Fruit)

    Pithaya (Fresh Fruit)

    Passion Fruit - 4 (Fresh Fruit)

    Lime - 6 (Fresh Fruit)

    Lemon - 4 (Fresh Fruit)

    Grapefruit - 2 (Fresh Fruit)

    Avocado - 2 (Fresh Fruit)

    Ginger - 2 (Fresh Fruit)

    Fruit Basket from Serax (Black metal / 14 x 37 x 33)