Our guests appricate and enjoy our coffee varieties. Cappuccino, Espresso, Filter Coffee or even a cold Coffee Lemonade - our SVYT Signature Roast with its unique flavor and  nutty-chocolate notes is the perfect choice for all Coffee Connaisseurs.

You prefer a good cup of tea? Then our selected Gourmet Teas might be your choice. A fruity version of red berries, papaya or the ginger lemon variant combines the freshness of lemon notes with the slight sharpness of ginger. What else could accompany our 'Coffee & Tea Box' better than our bespoke chocolate bars made from fruity ruby beans and milk chocolate with sea salt... attention, you might get addicted!


  • SVYT Signature Coffee Roast 250g (2x)

    Wital Organic Ginger-Lemongras Tea 42,5g (17 Sachets)

    Wital Organic Kir Royale Fruit Tea 42,5g (17 Sachets)

    SVYT Rubyn Milk Chocolate Bar 80g

    SVYT Aurum Milk Chocolate Bar 80g

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