A purely Indian composition with different roasts of “India monsooned Malabar” and a Robusta Parchment: mildness and softness paired with spice and strength.
The “India monsooned Malabar” is an exceptionally soft and low-acid coffee with nutty and grainy tones. It is complemented by the fine spice and the powerful body of the very high quality Robusta coffee that is - rather unusual for a Robusta coffee - being “washed”, carefully sorted and dried in the sun. The result: an “Indian (summer) dream”!


    • Flavor profile: Sweet - Full body - Harmonious acidity - Slightly nutty - chocolate notes
    • Cultivation region: Sul de Minas
    • Mounting height: 1,100 m
    • Variety: Arabica
    • Mundo Novo, Catuai, Catucai, Acaya
    • Processing: natural
    • Green coffee certification: UTC


    After your order, the coffee will be freshly roasted and ground as you wish. Accordingly, we ask for 1-2 days of production time before the package is ready to dispatched. Thank you.