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SVYT Insights - The good old filter coffee is finally back

The filter coffee has often been declared dead. For a long time, fully automatic machines, at the push of a button, were enough to get the perfectly prepared coffee into the cup. Filter coffee has struggled back and conquered lost territory, mainly because it has reinvented itself and is increasingly seen as a high-end product as well as a status symbol with which you can differentiate yourself. We talk to our Head Barista Timon about the different facets of filter coffee.

Timon, there has never been so much talk about coffee as today. What about our coffee culture? For some years now, coffee has been receiving increasing attention, and the trend is rising. This affects all areas of coffee. From latte art with properly frothed milk, to the quality of the coffee itself, to its professional preparation. Filter coffee is a very nice example of this. It is currently enjoying growing popularity again. How does the filter coffee revival actually come about? On the one hand, because the quality of coffee has simply increased, on the other hand, because the specialist knowledge about its preparation is spreading more and more. There was no coffee after the world wars. What was there was either priceless or of inferior quality. As a result, filter coffee has fallen into disrepute over the years. Fortunately, we no longer have the problem today. Accordingly, filter coffee tastes excellent again and more and more coffee lovers discover this (again) for themselves. You always hear about different types of coffee. What is the difference between filter coffee, cold brew and Americano? Filter coffee and cold brew are relatively similar. The main difference is that filter coffee is hot and cold brew is brewed with cold water. Of course, this also affects the taste, but in theory it is both a filter coffee. Americano, on the other hand, is based on espresso, which is diluted with hot water. It originated in Italy. The Italian espresso was too strong for the American soldiers, which is why they ordered water to dilute it. The Italians simply called it "Americano". At SVYT we offer Brazilian specialty coffee and notice that there is more and more interest in the perfect preparation. How should you ideally prepare the optimal filter coffee? There is no general recipe. This is always a combination of filter method, brewing time, water temperature and movement. Basically, what tastes is allowed. You should never brew coffee above 96 ° C and a brewing time of 2-3 minutes is sufficient for most coffees. The Slow Coffee Style Maker, which prepares the right amount of fresh filter coffee right in front of the guests, is also ideal for this.

Finally - is there still the perfect spring/summer drink based on coffee? Whatever works is a coffee lemonade. Very easy to prepare, refreshing and fun! Simply pour cold filter coffee into a glass with ice cubes and season with elderflower syrup and fresh lemon juice. Cheers.


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