Welcome to your Business Hideaway in Munich.

Three different meeting rooms in Munich

Crucial meetings need the right framework. We offer our guests three meeting rooms of different sizes on over 260 square meters, which are free of possible sources of interference and thus offer absolute peace and focus. With a panoramic view of Munich and elegantly furnished, all rooms offer you the right setting for important meetings. Our rooms are designed in such a way that you can concentrate well. Professional conference technology and internet are of course available. For larger meetings, we recommend our Board Room, which offers enough space for 18 people with 68 square meters. Decorated in elegant gray, all rooms offer the opportunity to concentrate fully on the content of the meeting. Our Business Room or Club Room are ideal for smaller meetings and workshops. Thanks to the location with a view over the roofs of Munich, the meeting participants can let their eyes wander. Our meeting rooms are located in the heart of the old town of Munich and are optimally connected to public transport.