First of all: we sell rooms.
But rooms are not our product.
It’s privacy.

And to us, privacy means absolute discretion. 

SVYT is the first business hideaway, luxuriously appointed and innovatively designed to offer executives and business travellers a retreat in the heart of the cities.

SVYT was founded by Alexandra Lindner, together with her co-founders - Jan Lehmann and Prof. Dr. h.c. Stephan Gerhard.
Meeting important clients in uninspiring and unproductive places led to the idea to create a better way to do business. A place of privacy and high end surrounding that fills the gap between serviced Offices, co-working spaces or meetings in hotel lobbies or coffee shops.

After their start in Munich the next locations are already in the planning and development process.

“We score with intimacy. Especially in times when executives work a lot in public and semi-public spaces, places and times of retreat have become rare. "

Prof. Dr. h.c. Stephan Gerhard

Co-Founder SVYT

SVYT, [‘Suite], [svi:t]